FJD AT1 Automatic Steering System

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FJD AT1 Automatic Steering System uses GNSS and RTK technologies to steer tractors along straight lines, curves, or concentric circles with more than 2.5 cm precision. This automatic steering system works compatibly with a wide range of tractors, combine harvesters, and other agricultural equipment.


±2.5 cm Pass Accuracy

Achieved by combining GNSS and RTK correction signals, the latter can be received from an RTK base station or an NTRIP service provider.

Land Management

Creates land profiles to record boundaries, guide lines, tasks, and more, making farming more organized.

Advanced Guide Line

Available for various field shapes and operational needs in straight line, curve, A+ line, and pivot modes.

Land Balancing

IMU sensor provides land balancing, so that lines on sloped fields are as straight as those on flat ground.

GIS Information Transfer

Transfer field information between machines in .SHP(SHX/DBF/SHP) and .ISOXML formats using a USB stick.

ISOBUS Universal Terminal

The UT is a plug-and-play user interface for any ISOBUS compatible equipment. It visualizes data and allows users to control and monitor equipment through FJD’s control terminal.

2 Modes for Manual Intervention

Offers 2 modes for manual intervention for safety reasons.

Automatic Turn at End of Row

FJD U-Turn plans boundary-based paths, navigates fields, makes U-turns, and turns at the end of rows without human intervention.

AUX-Turn Ω or Fish Tail Shapes

Automatic turn at the nose is just a press away with Ω or fish tail shapes.

AUX-Turn is a paid feature