Cargo & Delivery

Your orders will be delivered to the carrier as soon as possible after bank confirmation, within the timeframe specified on the product detail page. The delivery time may vary depending on the distance of the delivery address from our Balıkesir Gönen Central Office and the workload of the courier companies. Products delivered to courier companies will reach you within approximately 1-3 days.

For bulky deliveries within the Marmara Region, they are personally delivered by Daze Agriculture. You need to contact our company for detailed information.

The delivery times of products not in stock vary depending on the supply process. The delivery information and times for such products are specified on the product pages.

In case of any inconvenience caused by us, you will be informed based on your membership details. Therefore, it is important that your contact and phone information are complete and accurate.

No deliveries are made on holidays and festival days.

All products you have chosen will be delivered to you by the courier companies we have agreements with. Special circumstances regarding shipment will be additionally informed.

The products you purchase will be notified to you with a confirmation email. If any of the products you have selected is out of stock, an email will be sent to you about this issue, and the date the product will first be in stock will be informed to you.

If the product you paid for online is out of stock, there is a waiting period of at least 4 (four) to a maximum of 45 (forty-five) days. If the product cannot be provided to the consumer between these dates, the payment made will be refunded.