Vision & Mission

Our Vision: To be a Pioneer in Technology and Innovation in the Agriculture Sector

Daze Agriculture, as a proud member of the ZEKİ GIDA family, is a company that prioritizes technology and innovation in the field of agriculture. As a subsidiary of ZEKİ GIDA, a quality rice producer in Turkey, Daze Agriculture plays a leading role in aerial pesticide application technology with DJI agricultural drones. The company’s vision is to monitor emerging technologies to facilitate immediate development in the field of agriculture and to enhance Turkey’s position in the world in future periods. Through this, Daze Agriculture aims to contribute to the national economy and promote sustainable agricultural practices.

Our Mission: To Provide Technological Solutions for Supporting Local Production and Sustainable Agriculture

The mission of Daze Agriculture is to support local production, increase efficiency in domestic production, and ensure access and adaptation to evolving technology in the field of agriculture in our country. Through the services provided with DJI agricultural drones, the company strives to minimize its impact on the environment by reducing water, energy, and chemical usage through proper and controlled use. In this direction, Daze Agriculture Technology continues its education and awareness efforts regarding agricultural drones and promotes the proliferation of technology.

Daze Agriculture, by keeping experience and quality at the forefront, aims to contribute to the technological transformation in the agricultural sector. In this process, the company aims to shape the future of the agricultural sector with DJI agricultural drones and the services it offers, and to support sustainable agricultural practices.