DJI Agras T20P

Peak Performance, Best Value

AGRAS T20P is lightweight and agile, yet delivers powerful performance. It can carry a spray load of up to 20 kg and a spreading load of up to 35 L (25 kg), equipped with Dual Atomize Spray System, DJI Terra, Active Phased Array Radar, and Dual Vision. It supports multiple operations such as research, mapping, spraying, and spreading, offering superior performance and versatility at the best value.

Lightweight and Agile

AGRAS T20P has a four-rotor and new tilted cage design, which reduces its size by 77% for easy portability by a single person. Perfect size for optimal functionality.

12 hectares of agricultural land per hour, 2.6 hectares of garden, 1 ton of fertilizer spreading

  • 25 kg spreading load, 20 kg spray load
  • Active Phased Array Radar + Dual Vision
  • Dual Atomize Spray System
  • Supports flight spray/spreading and RC mapping
  • IPX6K protection
  • Generator, Fuel + electric powered

Spray System

Dual Atomization for Even Spraying

12 L/min

Magnetic Drive Impeller Pump

The new magnetic transmission design completely isolates pesticide from the motor, making the drone corrosion-resistant and ultra-durable. Quick disassembly by hand for easy cleaning.

Dual Atomize Centrifugal Sprayer

The dual atomize spray disk ensures more even droplets and more efficient pesticide usage.
Special centrifugal valve prevents leakage, avoids over-fertilization, reduces pollution, and conserves pesticide while protecting the environment.

T20P Spreading System (25 kg)

Enhanced Spreading Efficiency for Superior Performance

1 Ton of Fertilizer per Hour

The T20P Spreading System now supports larger load weight and capacity up to 25 kg and 35 L[6].

Real-Time Weighing

The drone is equipped with a weight sensor to monitor the spreading amount and remaining load.

Quick Disassembly and Cleaning

The spreading device can be disassembled in 3 minutes and washed with water.

Active Phased Array Radar + Dual Vision

Versatile Obstacle Detection

The Active Phased Array Radar, combined with a dual vision sensor system, offers 360-degree versatile obstacle detection, providing top-level safety. Detection distance up to 50 meters[7] enables intelligent terrain following, smooth scaling, and overcoming multiple obstacles. The DJI Agras drone can easily handle complex terrains, even in rugged gardens.